Will I need to submit any identification with my application?

To apply for the products offered by Tims Financial, your identity will have to be verified.  One of the methods used to verify your identity and help prevent fraud requires you to use your mobile phone to take a photo of yourself (a selfie) and a photo of an acceptable government-issued photo identification document (a photo ID).  Your selfie and photo ID are then analyzed and compared to see if they can be used to verify your identity in accordance with regulatory requirements.


The following types of identification (ID) are accepted:

  • Provincial driver’s license
  • Provincial identification card
  • Canadian passport
  • International passport
  • Canadian permanent resident card
  • Certificate of Indian Status

The following types of identification (ID) are not accepted:

  • Canadian identification without a photo
  • Photocopies, scans, or pre-existing pictures of your identification

Note: The pictures of your photo ID and selfies you submit must be new pictures that have been taken during the application process. The photo ID must be valid at the time of your application. 

What happens with the photos afterwards?

The pictures you submit will be deleted within 30 days of the verification process being completed. 

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