How can I increase my secured Tims Credit Card limit?

You can request a credit limit increase for your secured Tims Credit Card in the Tim Hortons app. You’ll need to deposit additional security funds by transferring them from a linked bank account. 


Please follow the steps below to request a credit limit increase: 

  1. Sign in to Tims Financial in the Tim Hortons app.
  2. Select your Tims Credit Card account. 
  3. From your Tims Credit Card account, tap on the gear icon in the top right of the screen to navigate to ‘Tims Credit Card settings’. 
  4. Select ‘Credit limit’.
  5. Request a new credit limit (this should be in $50 increments) 
  6. Select the financial institution account that you’d like to transfer funds from, then select ‘Continue’.
  7. Review the request, then select ‘Deposit’.


We’ll let you know right away when your request has been processed.


Please note: Your security funds will take up to 5 business days to transfer. Until the transfer is complete, your old credit limit remains in effect. You’ll receive an update when the funds have been processed confirming your new credit limit.

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